Heated Classes

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Hot Pilates — Hot Pilates is an exer­cise sys­tem used to strengthen mus­cles, increase flex­i­bil­ity and improve over­all health. Hot Pilates uses Pilates Prin­ci­ples, HIIT (High Inten­sity Inter­val Train­ing), and Tabata Train­ing. Exer­cises are per­formed on a mat. The Hot Pilates sys­tem includes exer­cises for every part of the body and appli­ca­tions for every kind of activity.

Heated Stretch — Recover and relax for one hour with long stretches to help alle­vi­ate stiff­ness and sore­ness. The class will help you open up the hips, stretch out the ham­strings, and loosen up the lower back. This will take place in a hot room.


Non-Heated Classes

Bal­le­rina Boot­camp — A bal­let inspired work­out with a touch of ket­tle­bell bad-ass. Bal­le­rina Boot­camp is a hybrid Barre / Ket­tle­bell class which is per­formed in an upbeat, boot­camp style set­ting. The class is designed to cre­ate toned arms, shapely thighs, and a firm butt. The goal is to tighten and tone like a bal­le­rina, but at the same time to strengthen the body like an ath­lete. Expect fun­da­men­tal bal­let exer­cises along with a weighted bar and a Ket­tle­bell. Please bring a mat, towel and water. Shoes are optional.

Barre — A total body work­out using bal­let prin­ci­ples to strengthen, tone and lengthen. Using small weights with small pumps, expect to tone your glutes, ham­strings, and thighs. A per­fect work­out for those who want to tone and not bulk. Bring a mat towel and water. Bare­foot is recommended.

Bikini Bot­tom Blast A 60 minute class ded­i­cated to the glutes. Work for that toned, round butt that looks great in a bikini bottom.

Bunz & Gunz — A spe­cial class designed to focus on cre­at­ing tight buns and ripped guns. Bunz & Gunz is a ded­i­cated work­out which focuses on the glutes and arms. Per­form body shap­ing exer­cises to form a tighter butt, while cre­at­ing mus­cle def­i­n­i­tion in the biceps, tri­ceps and shoul­ders. I hope you like com­ple­ments. Please bring a mat, towel and water. Please wear shoes.

Ket­tle Kar­dio– Ket­tle­bell meets Mixed Mar­tial Arts. Designed by UFC fighter Danny “Last Call” Castillo (co-owner of P2O Hot Pilates in Sacra­mento), this class com­bines Ket­tle­bell train­ing with MMA inspired exer­cises. For those inter­ested in boost­ing metab­o­lism, increas­ing flex­i­bil­ity and at the same time, build­ing an insane car­dio tol­er­ance, then look no fur­ther. Kettle-Combat com­bines the best of Pilates, Yoga, Ket­tle­bells, and MMA prin­ci­pals all in one 60 minute class. Get set to burn a ton of calo­ries. Please bring a mat towel and water. Bare­foot is recommended.

Six Pack Attack — A class ded­i­cated to attack­ing the abdom­i­nals and cre­at­ing that six pack. Many exer­cises will involve part­ner work to help moti­vate and encour­age you.  


TRX Classes

TRX Barre — TRX Sus­pen­sion Train­ing with Barre Cir­cuit Train­ing. Gain strength with TRX and get toned with Barre. In addi­tion, 3 and 5 pound dumb­bells will be used.

TRX Car­dio– TRX Sus­pen­sion Train­ing com­bined with tra­di­tional car­dio agility, plyo, and strength exer­cises. This class is fast pace with high energy. Dumb­bells, Ket­tle­bells, and resis­tance props will be used. Expect to ele­vate your heart rate and burn a ton of calories.

TRX Cir­cuit -TRX Sus­pen­sion exer­cises com­bined with a mul­ti­ple of strength exer­cises includ­ing Ket­tle­bell, Barre, and abdom­i­nal work. Stu­dents will rotate around mul­ti­ple stations.

TRX Ket­tle­bell -TRX Sus­pen­sion train­ing com­bined with Ket­tle­bell. Enjoy the best of both worlds in this one of kind combo class. Max­i­mize strength and flex­i­bil­ity in an amaz­ing full body workout.

TRX Yoga Flow“Yoga meets TRXPre­pare to float grace­fully above your mat while sus­pended by the TRX Trainer. Using Yoga moves, TRX Yoga Flow improves flex­i­bil­ity, mobil­ity, and balance. The class will work on your foun­da­tion, hip range of motion, and core strength. Please bring a mat, towel and water. The class is per­formed bare­foot.


Try our under­ground park­ing directly under­neath the stu­dio.

We have over 70 spots under­neath in addi­tion to the upstairs lot.

Our Location

We are located just west off the Rus­sell & 215 Exit on the South­east cor­ner of Rus­sell and Ft. Apache.

5752 S. Fort Apache Road, Suite 155
Las Vegas NV 89148