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2. Put your belong­ings in the cubby holes.

3. Remove your shoes and enter the prac­tice space in a way that hon­ors the exist­ing energy. Del­i­cately lay your mat down giv­ing the per­son next to your left and right enough room to enter and exit their may with­out need­ing to walk on yours.

4. Stay through final savasana. If you must leave early set up by the door, inform the instruc­tor when pos­si­ble, and qui­etly gather up your belong­ings mak­ing the
qui­etest most unas­sum­ing exit of your life.

5. Be that kind soul that offers to adjust their mat to make space for that last stu­dent stand­ing around look­ing for a spot.

6. Keep away from heavy per­fume. It can cause aller­gic reaction.

7. ALWAYS wear enough cloth­ing to cover the essen­tials. LOOSE RUNNING SHORTS ARE NOT AN OPTION.

8. If you are sick please stay home and get better.

9. Turn your phone off and decide that what­ever hap­pens dur­ing class you will deal with once it is over.

10. Stay with the poses being offered by the instruc­tor, mod­ify them if needed, and keep the prac­tice healthy for your body.  Inquire with the instruc­tor before or after class if you have any ques­tions or need guidance.


Park­ing lot is located right off the I-215 and Rus­sell Rd.

Our Location

We are located just west off the Rus­sell & 215 Exit

9130 W Rus­sell Rd. Ste 110
Las Vegas NV 89148